Ed's Weather Station

Ed's Weather Station
Located south of Fulton, MO
Lat. 38.75234 N
Lon. 91.96758 W
Elevation 787 ft

GR3 Radar

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Yearly Records Eds Weather Station
Yearly Records
(Based on local data)

Record High Temperature: 100.0 °F on July 22, 2017
Record Low Temperature: -1.1 °F on January 7, 2017
Record High Wind Gust: 34.5 mph on March 6, 2017
Record Average Wind Speed: 20.2 mph on March 6, 2017
Record Low Wind Chill: -2.4 °F on January 6, 2017
Record High Rain Rate: 0.213 in/hr on October 15, 2017
Record Low Barometer: 29.267 inHg on April 26, 2017
Record High Barometer: 30.773 inHg on January 7, 2017
Record High Rain Date: 3.46 in. on April 29, 2017
Record Heat Index: 115.2 °F on July 22, 2017
Record High Dew Point: 79.2 °F on August 21, 2017
Record Low Dew Point: -4.4 °F on January 7, 2017
Record High Humidity: 99 % on January 2, 2017
Record Low Humidity: 16 % on March 8, 2017
Record High Solar: 1190.0 w/m2 on May 25, 2017
Record High UV: 0.0 on September 11, 2015
Record High Windrun: 160.4 miles on March 6, 2017
Warmest Day (6am to 6pm): 99.0°F on: Jul 22 2017
Coldest Day (6am to 6pm): 10.2°F on: Jan 06 2017
Warmest Night (6pm to 6am): 81.9°F on: Jul 22 2017
Coldest Night (6pm to 6am): 2.7°F on: Jan 07 2017